Friday, October 4, 2013

"Better Out Than In": Banksy NY

Banksy, the infamous British graffiti artist, is currently in New York for a self imposed, month long "residency" which is appropriately located on the walls of New York City, free for the public to enjoy if you happen to locate, or stumble upon them.  At each site, a toll free number has been stenciled for you to call and a hear a recording which may or may not have a clue for the where and the what of the following day's graffiti. 

I'd be fibbing a touch if I said I was a diehard Banksy follower, but I have always appreciated and often smiled at his semi-political and cheeky jabs. When a friend and huge fan of Banksy txted me that she had located a Banksy, I went. It was a now-or-never moment because by day's end the piece would likely be gone, or at least significantly altered. I was hardly disappointed. I was tickled by the sudden interest of unknowing passers-by, together with savvy grafitti/art seekers. I am also a big fan of putting art in unlikely places.  It is something like finding an easter egg long after the easter egg hunt- you really don't expect to stumble upon this little treat-, and it feels almost more special.

The best part of my Banksy moment: watching Ollie, a little long haired chihuahua, pee on the Banksy. The non best part: Ollie bit me right after.

 Check out Banksy's local website: for further updates.


  1. An artist who delights in assembling art in unlikely places spending a day on a treasure hunt for art in unlikely places - does it get any better? Thanks for this Rachel :) Ooooooh, what if you make this recursive, and put up clues at the Banksy sites to where he should come look at your art? He's got a month! Maybe there could be a prize :) Hope Ollie's pee is worse than her bite :)

  2. Eeeek! Rachel - Banksy's NY exploits made it on to the Colbert Report - lots of good commentary embedded here about the worth of art and where it belongs and doesn't belong. Enjoy :)

  3. I can not say that I like Bansky. I watched some video tutorial with grafitti artists, but nothing impressive.

  4. the graffiti video I watched, the artists were writing on the walls. the way they were writing was what was important, the style, and not what they were saying. for some.
    but I did not find it interesting. neither the colors.
    looks cheap. and vulgar. like vandalism. you see it everywhere. metro, trains, sometimes buses.
    scary. in a movie with Terminator also, if I recall correctly.

  5. Art By, you just understood the Banksy concept, it's not fancy art, even if some piece are really wonderfull, but it's like black humor, read a little bit about him and his master piece, you will love him after :) or if you dont, you will understand him at least !

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