Friday, December 21, 2012

Trenton Doyle Hancock. Yes, please.

Trenton Doyle Hancock, "As U Now Enliven A Test", 2012
Every once in a blue moon, or a lunar eclipse, we stare in the face of a brilliant artwork.  I suspect there is a spectrum of scientific explanations for why certain images, colors and themes are preferable.  But it is my gut that speaks when I look into the veiny ominous eyes of a Trenton Doyle Hancock painting, with a knowing smile, and I declare internally: He’s got it. He gets it.  This is fucking genius. Yes, amazeballz.  Axons fire, thoughts wander, and I slip onto folding ribbons of text that unravel into messages like: “If You're Too Fat, You Should Buy Clothes That Fit”, or “All Things Known and Nothing to Own”.  
"If You're Too Fat You Should Buy Clothes That Fit", 2012
Trenton has a comic book style, but the superheroes are more Rat Fink than Batman.  Self-portraits are cobbled together with mythological beasts, part human, part animal that stand in the midst of delightful and creepy floating brains that rain colored tears, enraptured by trees with tenticular roots.  Trenton’s works are simultaneously whimsical and incredibly thought out.  The contrast of black and white interspersed with bright colors, and the collaging of his canvas with pieces of painted canvas creates a depth and tactile-ness that draws you into a land of make believe. If I were to speculate, which I always do, I would guess that fact and fiction have been woven from his personal yarn. 
Trenton Doyle Hancock, "Plate of Shrimp" 2012
His solo show, "And Then It All Came Back to Me", at James Cohan Gallery in Chelsea closes after tomorrow. For all you New Yorkers not sequestered on exotic islands or undisclosed locations, for the those you not in an egg nog infused state, I implore you to race before Saturday’s end to see the fabulousness that is Trenton Doyle Hancock.  If you are disappointed, I suspect you thought my glowing review entailed the arrival of a gold coin dispensing leprechaun.  But you will most certainly be charmed by his wit, humor and whimsical paintings, because they are truly, magically delicious.


  1. Rachel you're on a roll. Another terrific and beautifully written post. Anyone who thinks that great art is something of the past, just has to look at Trenton Doyle Hancock. The exciting thing is that there are others of the like, including of course Rachel Bernstein.

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